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Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather, the Commission Chairman stays in touch with Transportation & Development and Emergency Management to find out what is actually happening on our roads. He then determines whether or not to close county offices. If he decides county offices need to be closed, 11 Alive News and Star 94.1 FM are contacted. The Chairman and his staff then contact all department directors and elected officials.

Click for the latest Jonesboro weather forecast.
Television Radio
WSB-TV, Channel 2 (ABC) WSB-AM, 750 AM
WAGA-TV, Channel 5 (FOX) WSB-FM, B98.5 FM
WXIA-TV, Channel 11 (NBC) WGST-AM, 640 AM
WGCL-TV, Channel 46 (CBS) WMXV-FM, 105.7 FM
WSTR-FM, Star 94, 94.1 FM
Radio WKHX-FM, Kicks101, 101.5 FM
WDUN-AM, 550 AM WVEE-FM, V103, 103.5 FM
WZGC-FM, Z 93, 92.9 FM WPCH-FM, Peach 94.9 FM
WAMJ-FM, 107.5 FM WHOT-FM, Hot 97, 97.5 FM
WALR-FM, 104.1 FM WKLS-FM, 96 Rock, 96.1 FM