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Clayton County Lifelong Community



LLC Walkability Group


Clayton County Senior Services Lifelong  Community

A Lifelong Community is one that is designed to better serve older adults by allowing them to age in place. It provides quality healthcare, an efficient transportation system, community based services, activities and businesses that are located in close proximity to where older adults live. With collaboration among businesses, local leaders, civic organizations and government agencies, the success of the community will be achieved.

Clayton County is working in partenrship with the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and other community stakeholders to create communities that incorporate ARC's seven core principles that go into creating a lifelong community. The "7 Principles" are:

  1. Connectivity - Retrofit or build new to reweave a street grid pattern; this provides the most options for getting from one destination to another, reduces traffic and creates a viable street network for multiple modes of transportation.
  2. Pedestrian Access and Transit - Increase pedestrian access within the local community by providing a vibrant streetcape, destinations worth walking to, connected and safe sidewalks. It is also critical to provide local connector transit routes so residents can move within their community, and ride transit to regional hubs.
  3. Neighborhood Retail and Services - Provide access to basic services within walking distance of residences to reduce auto travel, increase walkability and provide sustainable community hubs.
  4. Social Interaction - Design communities with physical spaces that provide opportunities for social interaction including adequate green space, community centers, neighborhood gardens and third spaces.
  5. Dwelling Types - Provide a diversity of dwelling types within a community so that as individuals' needs and preferences change, they can downsize, move from rental to ownership or find housing with the appropriate level of supportive services without having to leave the community.
  6. Healthy Living - Design environments that promote physical activity by providing trails and bike paths; incorporate neighborhood scale grocery stores with ready access to fresh fruit and vegetables; zone space for health clinics and medical offices within walking distance of residence.
  7. Consideration for Existing Residents - Phase both new construction and redevelopment so that all existing residents have the option to remain in the community as it is being transformed.


In Clayton County, we find that 55% of the residents think that Clayton County is an excellent to very good place to retire, 82% own their home and 86% drive their own car. As these residents continue to age, they will no longer be able to drive. A lifelong community can provide the needed transportation and allow them to continue to live a productive life. We also find that only 37% of the residents received a flu shot in the last 12 months, 50% do not get adequate exercise and 35% of older adults are obese. Stats also show that 57% had misinformation about long-term care and 84% do not have long-term care insurance.