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Jail Security

H R Banke Justice Center145 correctional officers and deputies from the Clayton County Sheriff's Office supervise Security for the Clayton County Jail. The 145 officers are divided into four security teams working 12-hour shifts.

All security perimeter entrances, control center doors, and doors opening into a corridor are controlled entirely by the Sheriff's Central Control Room. The state-of-the-art computerized touch-screen security system provides the highest in technological advances in safety.

The Sheriff's Central Control Room, located at the main entrances to the jail facility, provides optimal observation of traffic flow and internal activities, including the use of closed-circuit television. This allows officers views of the hallways, elevators, corridors and all points of the secured perimeter of the jail.

Each of the 96 cells in the 192-bed housing unit is controlled internally by a Control Room Officer and is also operated by a computerized touch-screen security system. The Control Room within the housing units controls only those doors within its perimeter. The Sheriff's Central Control Room backs up each of the eight housing units and two dormitories.

The design and concept of the jail allows secured supervision of the inmates at all times. It is only during a court appearance that an inmate appears in the presence of the public. Inmates are guided from their housing units through a corridor to a set of secured elevator banks. The elevators open directly into holding cells that are located to the side of their appointed courtroom.